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Focus on the science
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Spread the right message with focus on science. Spread the right policy with focus on the people. Connect people with focus on the grassroot resources.

About Us

Our Mission

We are a global team of more than 200 volunteers, including physicians, scientists, allied health professionals, and others.

Anti-Covid Collective of India (ACCI) aims to connect COVID positive patients and their families with necessary resources and care. We are identifying resource deficits with accountability, engaging administrative and community organizers to educate and equip the community with the right resources and information about COVID-19. ACCI will provide content that is scientifically accurate, clinically relevant to better prepare India in averting further humanitarian crises during future waves of COVID-19. ACCI has partnered with several volunteers, non-profit organizations, administrative and industrial collaborators in India. We invite other organizations and individuals to join hands in our endeavor to alleviate the ongoing COVID-19 situation in India.

Community Awareness and Engagement

Identifying Resource Gaps

Groundwork Management

Facilitate Structural Changes


How can we help

Spreading the right message

Evidence-based updates
Scientifically accurate
Clinically relevant

Proposing the right policy

Administrative networking
Expert opinions by healthcare professionals
Urban and rural level representatives

Making the connections

Patients and their families
Healthcare professionals
Community organizers
Media outreach


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